52 minutes | 16:9 | HD PAL | English & Tamil with English subtitles | 2018
Produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust

In many villages in Tamil Nadu, a theatre tradition still links people with a past. Closely connected with religion and caste rituals, koothu brings to life stories about gods, demigods, kings and demons from the Indian epics. In spite of its enduring rural popularity and because of its low-caste associations, koothu struggles to find place and patronage in urban art circles. Who creates the binaries of folk and classical? Who decides what is crude and what is sophisticated? Through the work of two koothu masters, P. Rajagopal and Sambandan Thambiran, the film Koothu delves into questions of representation and patronage of the art form while presenting its art and aesthetics.


Direction & Editing: Sandhya Kumar
Cinematography: Srikanth Kabothu & Saumyananda Sahi
Sound: Christopher Burchell & Shyamsunder
Assistant Director: Grace Mary Sukanya
Associate Director: Justin McCarthy
Animation & Text: Anand Kalpakaserry


  • IDSFFK 2019
  • Open Frame Festival, New Delhi 2019
  • SIGNS 2019
  • Mumbai International Film Festival 2020
  • 21st Madurai Film Festival 2019
  • 7th Chennai Film Festival 2019
  • International Theatre Festival of Kerala 2020