O Friend, This Waiting!
32 mins | 2012 | English and Telugu with subtitles

Could a song be full of love, and yet banal and trifling? Such were the padams of Kshetrayya. A wandering poet-musician, Kshetrayya wrote for devadasis, the dancing courtesans at the courts of the 17th century Nayaka kings. His padams became the most cherished of her songs of love. O Friend, This Waiting! reflects on the entwined fortunes of the padams and the women they were written for, from the 17th to the 20th century, while dwelling in the performance spaces of temples and courts of the Nayaka period.

This film was made possible by a grant from India Foundation for the Arts.


Direction: Sandhya Kumar & Justin McCarthy
Camera: Amit Mahanti
Editing: Sandhya Kumar
Sound: Elangovan R.
Vocalist: Sudha Raghuraman
Dancer: Bharathi Penneswaran